Friday, July 5, 2013

DIY Jewelry "cupcake" Stand

Hey everyone !!! I know, It has been a long time :) I try to come back and make my blog alive ! Yeah !! 
And now, I would like to share how I made my "Jewelry Stand" :) I made it so simple. 

So, lets get started !! :)) 


2 Patterned Plate

A Glass or Cup

 Some Beads
*I used 2 colours for the beads

A Hot Glue Gun


1. Put some beads into a cup/glass
I put my dark green beads for the first layer into a cup

And then I put my light purple beads into a cups
for the second layer

I put my dark beads again for the last layer
It will be just like the picture above

Put a plate over the cup and flip it together. 
It will be just like the picture on the right side.

Next, glue the other plate's base with the glue gun

And put the plate with hot glue gun on the base
over the glass cup 

Taaa daaa !!! Finally you get your jewelry "cupcake" stand :)
hmm, I put my rings that I wear for more often on the base plate 
and I put my bracelets and necklace that I wear for more often on the upper plate
So.. That's it :) I hope you like my post, don't forget comment and follow my blog to stay tune :))
I'll post for the moreee :)) Clara xxxxx

ps you can use a larger plate for the base plate, it will look more nice and don't forget to match your Jewelry "cupcake" Stand with your desk or even your room :))